Custom Galaxy 1" x 10" Full Colour Imprint Wristbands

Pricing: $19.44 per 50 ,$29.84 per 100 ,$46.74 per 250 ,$59.74 per 500

A wristband that is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD! Our Galaxy wristbands are designed for endless customization. These digital full colour adhesive wristbands feature a high quality print that is sure to WOW your guests. Add barcodes, logos, text, images, waivers and more. These aren't just a one trick pony we've got here! Our 1" Galaxy wristbands feature more than just full colour print, our favorite feature of Galaxy is that EACH BAND CAN BE INDIVIDUALIZED!! this means that you can create a one-of-a-kind ticketing solution for your guests by adding their personal name to their wristband or by printing individual messages. The 1" design makes this wristband a dream to customize and sponsors will love that their logos can be featured in vibrant digital full colour. Galaxy is available in sheets of 10 for easy use and distribution. So climb aboard the Wristband Rocket and set off on your custom journey today

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